Training is the keystone of a good operation, ensuring results in production, safety and employee retention. Manufacturers provide only cursory training to personnel during installation of new equipment. Afterward, most facilities encounter unexpected production lags or extended downtime due to employee timidity with the new machinery. Simple errors covered during cursory training sessions continue to be made for some time after an installation.

We strongly recommend additional training designed to take your personnel beyond the “Where is the E-stop?” approach. Inscho Solutions offers thorough, hands-on training with your operators, leads, maintenance staff, and managers for machine and robot operation. Our on-site training packages focus on safety and employee confidence building, resulting in a faster orientation to new processes, directly impacting your bottom line.

We currently offer these packages:


Our premium training package puts a trainer on-site for five days to conduct classes in operation, production strategy, safety protocol, maintenance and more. We work one-on-one with personnel on all shifts to build knowledge and confidence, monitor production, evaluate operator performance, adjust operator behavior as needed and protect your facility from downtime during post-install transition.

This package is automatically INCLUDED with every equipment installation by Inscho Solutions. Click here for more information about our equipment installation packages.


Our two-day basic training package is designed to pick up where the manufacturer’s cursory training ends. It includes 8 hours of floated time training to cover all shifts, a safety workshop and the development and implementation of an improved performance plan.


Recommended for all facilities annually, for continuing safety awareness and to assess opportunities for production improvement.

Our refresher package is particularly important to operations experiencing employee turnover.

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Safety considerations

” A worker at a Volkswagen factory in Germany has died, after a robot grabbed him and crushed him against a metal plate.” Fortunately, news reports on events such as the tragedy described above are rare, but any object moving 4000mm per second can be dangerous. The risk of human injury due to industrial robotics is significant, and can only be mitigated by a facility’s unwavering commitment to safety in the workplace. Ongoing training must be part of that commitment. Many forms of technology are incorporated to keep the robot from moving while someone is in the cell and safety protocols are established to ensure the protection of all human operators. Injuries from robots will not occur if these protocols are stringently followed. But human complacency can dangerously impact adherence to protocol. We’ve encountered plants where the basic protective structure has been at least partially removed because it was considered too cumbersome. For stricter adherence, employees must be routinely reminded of the need for safety procedures and repeatedly trained in how to maintain a safe environment.

Is your employee training assuring safety in your facility? Click Contact us , or fill out the form below, to find out more about what we can do for you. OSHA has outlined the guidelines for robotic safety. Click here for OSHA reference material links.

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