Welcome to Iso Robotics, where we provide innovative robotic automation solutions for sustainable and cost-effective poultry processing.

We understand your urgent need for sustainable solutions in today's high-speed, low margin poultry processing market. Our innovative designs meet these challenges with higher throughput and optimized workflow. Our solutions change staffing dynamics and drive efficiency through the provision of sustainable, innovative robotics to replace highly repetitive manual labor boosting your company's bottom line by protecting and growing your margins.

The COVID-19 shutdown in 2020 and its impact on protein processing brings additional urgency to your need for sustainable solutions. There is no better time than now to contact us and start designing your future.     


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From conceptualization to installation and on-site training, Inscho Solutions robot and automation installation provides what you need to integrate emerging robotics technologies in today’s competitive marketplace.


We automate mechanized routines in manufacturing and other production sectors through integrated control systems that reduces cost and improves repeatability, quality, accuracy and precision.

Motion Control

We create the logic that efficiently controls every technology related to movement of objects, from input of raw material to output of your final product, maximizing through-put.

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