Savvy business leaders recognize the value of automated technologies in achieving operational goals, but navigating the complexities of this market can be disappointing and costly.

From the outset, making the right choice is critical to successfully integrate existing equipment with new automation. But researching and pricing a multitude of options from manufacturers to select the right equipment for your needs is time-consuming and often confusing, especially in a fluid market where products evolve rapidly.
And that’s only the first hurdle. Delivery and installation offers its own set of challenges, where the risk of costly downtime is magnified by misunderstanding and miscommunication between manufacturer and purchaser.

How we help

Inscho Solutions offers the consulting services you need at every step of the process, from determining how best to automate and integrate to making a selection and purchasing. We’re your advocate throughout the installation process, making sure your specifications are met and downtime is minimized. We’re on-site with you to ensure a successful start-up and we provide continued personnel training after the manufacturer’s initial sessions. We’re available for refresher training as well, very advisable after staff turnover or as a periodic safety refresher. Read more about our installation services here, and our training here.

What can go wrong? Plenty

Why use a consultant when your purchase includes installation and training by the manufacturer? Many times, manufacturers leave project management to sales staff. They’re sales driven, not installation driven. Significant blunders can occur during the process. Inscho Solutions has corrected problems for customers whose manufacturers delivered programs calling for HMIs that didn’t exist. We’ve worked with clients who were provided HMIs and PLCs that required extensive reprogramming in order to work correctly.

In another project, the original measurements by the salesman were so wrong that a section of wall had to be removed for new equipment to fit. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to arrive on–site for an installation and discover that the site is not ready, with power and air not yet supplied, concrete not poured, and other issues significantly delaying start-up. During particularly busy installation times, a manufacturer may not wait for the necessary site preparation, sometimes rescheduling months later.

These are just a few examples of what often goes wrong during the installation. Your facility can mitigate its risk by relying on Inscho Solutions for expert guidance. We put our experience from plants of all sizes and many different industries to work for you, making sure you don’t encounter costly and frustrating delays. Read more about our experience here.

We offer three kinds of Technical Support to keep you up and running: on-site and remote phone support, as well as preventative maintenance assessments. Read more about Reliability Audits here or read more about Tech Support Services here. No automation project is too small or too large. You tell us how we can best help you, and we will customize a quote tailored to your particular project.

Don’t know exactly what you need?

We can help you determine the most cost-effective and practical means of automating, starting with a needs assessment to evaluate your production goals, existing equipment, supporting space and product flow. We’ll work with you to develop a budget and craft a Phased Integration Plan if your project needs to be developed in stages, over time.

Know what you need? Let’s make your vision a reality.

We know the industrial robotics and automation market, but we work for you, not the manufacturers. We don’t work on sales commission. We’re your advocate, helping you sift through the confusing array of emerging technologies to find the right equipment and the right manufacturer for your project, saving you research time, sales pitches and costly downtime. Click Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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