Vision And Color


Did you realize most vision systems guiding industrial robots are color blind? They see in gray scale only.
That’s an important consideration because understanding and accommodating your robot’s vision process can directly impact productivity.
Vision systems utilize contrast to find edges to score within a pre-set threshold to identify an object and take the programmed action. Many times objects are missed due to lack of contrast. colorgreyscaleimage
One of the leading causes for contrast issues is lighting. If your system appears to be “missing” objects, you may need to address the amount of light and the direction from which it is coming.
If the problem persists, remember that most of the cameras in the field contain a chip that sees color in gray-scale. Maybe color filtering is the answer. Filters that either wash the unwanted color or compliment the wanted color can be utilized for better recognition. The image here ( is the best one to represent how color filter changes the gray-scale appearance to the logic. Color is returned as a value in varying ranges. The Sony and GigE return 0-255 values.
Finding the right color filter to maximize part recognition can sometimes be the solution to improve object recognition and is more economical than converting to a color sensitive camera. Inscho Solutions,llc can provide the system solutions for your application. Feel free to Contact us for more about Vision installations.

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