Collaborative Robotics

National Robotics Week is calling attention across the country to the myriad of exciting ways in which robotics technology impacts society, both now and in the future.

Universities and science centers hail great things to come, with promotions bringing together industry and students to inspire newer and greater Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-related developments.

Certainly there is much worth celebrating — but the industrial robotics segment lags somewhat behind the fanfare. In many ways, we are still quietly struggling to determine the best and most practical application of today’s cutting-edge technology in our facilities.

The buzz for the last year has been the strides made in collaborative robots.

From the Green Fanuc C35ia to the ABB YuMi, manufacturers are celebrating the move tofanuc-collaborative-robot-cr-35ia-1 collaborative robots. These robots can actually work alongside humans without additional safety fencing, light curtains, or magnetic gate switches. If they are in the way, they humbly allow you to push them away.

This advancement makes robotics much safer and more reliable. It also opens a Pandora’s Box of challenges which must now be addressed, as we ask, “How do we effectively plug this in to our work spaces?”

Do we reduce or eliminate the human element, or utilize the technology to increase throughput? What jobs can we take human eyes away from and which ones need that human touch?

Visionaries see all kinds of possibilities. Plant decision-makers see challenges which still need to be examined in detail, at a pace somewhat more human than machine.

Personally, I believe we may remain at this crossroads for awhile longer, through at least a few more National Robotics Weeks, until a major player gets serious about implementation and it sweeps the auto industry. Once the trail is blazed, change will come rapidly. After all, robots do not need a 401 match to show up for work and be totally engaged.

And there are thousands of other robotic applications out there: material handling in plastics plants, food handling, meat processing, and a host of other industry applications.


I would like to hear from you…

Do you agree or disagree? How would our facility use one of these collaborative robots?

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